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A look at Ninomiya Kazunari’s spring high school baseball 2014 drama “Yowakutemo Katemasu” in Chou Chou Aliis, Vol. 2. 

04.02.14 256


To Nino from Ohno Satoshi

Members from the same group being in the same drama or doing a serial drama during the same season is something that doesn’t happen so often. Last time, I was with Aiba-chan (Aiba Masaki), but I am glad to feel that I am not alone again. It seems like you have been saying “I wonder if I can finish a serial drama that takes 3~4 months, if my physical strength can hold” but that can’t be (lol). Because you are the one who has been in the most dramas. Let’s both do our best!

To Leader from Ninomiya Kazunari

I am honored to hear you say that you are happy to be in a serial drama during the same season. I am also happy that I can do it during the same time with Ohno-san (lol). But regarding dramas, Ohno-san has been doing it constantly more than me. Speaking of which, we also had a talk, “It’s amazing to be asked to comment to each other like this”. Really, it is something that doesn’t happen so often so I am thankful!

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